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Research Databases for Botany (12)

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Biological Sciences

Subscription ended for Biological Sciences August 31, 2016

BioMed Central

Publishes peer-reviewed open access journals in science, technology and medicine.

1997 - (varies by title) More

Biology. New ProQuest site

most 2001 - present

CAB Direct Applied life sciences More
Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences From Morgan & Claypool varies
Dissertations & Theses Global

PhD & masters theses. New ProQuest site

Indexing 1861 -
Abstracts [varies] -
Full Text 1997 -
GPO Access Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1994 to present More
JSTOR back issues of the core journals in Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences - full text Coverage varies by journal (excludes current 3 to 5 years) More
Plant Science

Botany. New ProQuest site

1994 to present More
Science Citation Index see also: Web of Science varies by institution More
VITIS-VEA : Vitis viticulture and enology abstracts Viticulture and enology index. From 1969 to January 2010: 60,500 documents More
Web of Science ISI Web of Knowledge server varies by institution More