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Research Databases for Mechanical Engineering (24)

Commercial use of library resources is strictly prohibited.

Aluminum Industry Abstracts

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1972 to present More
Applied Mechanics Reviews ASME site 1989 to present More
ASME Digital Library Mechanical Engineering

Conferences - 2008 to present
Journals - 1970 to present

Canadian Patents Database Canadian patents

index, 1920 -
images, 1920 -
text, Aug 1978 -

Ceramic Abstracts / World Ceramics Abstracts

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1975 to present More
Cold Regions Bibliography Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory 1996 to present More
Copper Technical Reference Library

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1965 to present More
Corrosion Abstracts

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1980 to present More

Full text of some books published by CRC

Engineered Materials Abstracts

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1986 to present More
European Patents Database

Espacenet site

1979 to present
Materials Business File

Part of "Materials Research Database". new ProQuest site

1985 to present More
Materials Science & Engineering Database

Materials research, metals, non-metals. New ProQuest site

1966-present More

Part of "Materials Research Database". New ProQuest site

1966 to present More
NASA Technical Reports Server

NASA site

1915 to present More

Full-text engineering books via ScienceDirect


SAE Mobilus [formerly SAE Digital Library]

Transportation & Automotive Engineering

index 1906 to present; full text latest 10 years More
Science Citation Index see also: Web of Science varies by institution More
Scitation (from AIP (American Institute of Physics)) extends from 1975 to the present. More
Scopus Science, Technology, Medicine & Social Sciences 1966 to present More

Evaluated data in physical & chemical materials.

TRIS (Transportation Research Information Service) US TRB site 1960's to present More
United States Patents Database

USPTO site

index, 1790 -
images, 1790 -
full text, 1976 -
Web of Science ISI Web of Knowledge server varies by institution More