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Research Databases for Optometry & Ophthalmology (19)

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BioMed Central

Publishes peer-reviewed open access journals in science, technology and medicine.

1997 - (varies by title) More

Medical texts from Ovid
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1988 to present
CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) Ebsco site 1981 to present More
Cochrane Library Evidence-based medical research, includes some full text Current More
Dissertations & Theses Global

PhD & masters theses. New ProQuest site

Indexing 1861 -
Abstracts [varies] -
Full Text 1997 -

Medicine  (Ovid) One user at a time

1974 to present

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

Pharmacology (Ovid) One user at a time.

1970 to present More

eJournals on Ovid
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Medicine. New ProQuest site

10 years plus current More
Medline Ovid site

1950 to present

Medline (PubMed)

Medicine, PubMed site

1950 to present More
PubMed (Medline)

Medicine, PubMed site

1950 to present More
Science Citation Index see also: Web of Science varies by institution More
Scopus Science, Technology, Medicine & Social Sciences 1966 to present More
TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice) Resources for evidence-based medicine Current More
UpToDate Clinical reference tool. Current
VisionCite Optometry. Click on IP verification 1984 to present More
VISIONET Optometry - SCO site 1976 to present More
Web of Science ISI Web of Knowledge server varies by institution More